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Why Shop Local Businesses Tampa
Why Should You, The Consumer, Shop Local Businesses? Spending your dollars locally makes a big difference. Supporting local small independent businesses is a wise choice and insures the economic future of local communities. Many studies confirm that local independent businesses and restaurants generate more than three to four times the local economic activity of national chains. Taxes collected from such local independent businesses brings in up to six times the revenue, while up to 70% of money spent in national chains leaves the Brandon  area. On a typical shopping day, if all taxable purchases in the Brandon area were made at locally owned independent businesses rather than national chains, the local economy would benefit by over $40 million dollars. By doing business with locally owned independent businesses you help circulate the money right here, for local goods and services from banking to health care to printing and window washing, while taxes support our schools, parks, law enforcement and more. Your choices create a richer community. All over Brandon, when you have a cup of coffee, a slice of freshly baked pizza, get a haircut, discover a good book, find a unique gift at a locally owned Small Business, your choice impacts our local economy. allows us to keep our money in the local economy. This is extremely important to the growth and success of Brandon. So when you are looking for goods or services first and the Brandon area will benefit.
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